An Introduction to Me

An Introduction to Me

Whoa! Emily has a blog?

I am starting up again because I decided I need to become a better writer, especially in this kind of capacity. Where I can have the freedom to write whatever I want while also improving my skills as a blogger.

In one of my classes we were talking about journalism and its different aspects. The professor asked who had a blog and to those who don’t why not. So it really did push me to start up a blog like so, although I do have a Tumblr.

Finally, here is an introduction to me. My name is Emily. I am a sophomore in college, studying Arts Management. I lived in the Midwest of the United States. I have a lot of different interests and I’m hoping that I’ll get to express them all through this platform. Constructive Criticism is encouraged. I can’t wait to go on this journey.

Emily Marie



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