Daily Prompt: Childlike

Daily Prompt: Childlike

There was one thing that Grandma always pushed me to do no matter how much I didn’t want to. She wanted me to play the piano. She would make me practice at least 20 minutes a day and go to lessons once a week for half an hour. Grandma didn’t want me to do much else but this she pushed for. When I kept refusing to practice or go to lessons, she said one thing. You’ll regret it. At the time I just pushed past her and thinking whatever mom.

She was right. That was a skill I wish I was better at. I love the sound of the piano and I want to be responsible for the sounds coming out of the black and white machine. 

My advice to you is be more open to things that your parents are saying. You just never know when you will look back and realize how much you missed out on. 


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8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Childlike

  1. I try to explain this to my daughter every time she whines about practicing the piano or do anything that will benefit her in the long run. I am just persistent and know she will thank me in the long run. Mother knows best!!!

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