Daily Prompt: Home Sweet Home

Daily Prompt: Home Sweet Home

What a perfect prompt for a college student.

Being away from has made me realize what kind of person I am and how much my home really did affect me. When you’re applying to college, they do not come right out and say how scary it is for the first week you are truly on your own. I found that it is very important to adapt quickly otherwise you are just miserable. Without further ado, the top 5 things I miss about home.

  1. Familiarity- the first week of college you are (most likely) in an unknown city with mostly people you do not know. This is yanked from you without you realizing it. I would do anything to connect with a familiar face.
  2. Home Cooked Food- I live in a dorm. Sure, the food here is okay but there is nothing like being downstairs and smelling whatever is being cooked above you.
  3. Comfort- Going along with familiarity, to have so many things thrown at you it makes you uncomfortable. I just wanted the sense of belonging I had at home.
  4. My Parents- You don’t think you will miss them as much as you do. They truly are your best friends and it is so hard leaving them for the first time. But it will get better.
  5. My city- I live in a small town with a big city near by. I went to college in a small town with nothing around it. I realized how much I took my city for granted and really missed it while I was away.


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