A Journal on a Journal

A Journal on a Journal

Déjà vu: The Federal Government Standstill’s Implications on the Arts By Kate Ostrander

In the Article, Déjà vu: The Federal Government Standstill’s Implication on the Arts, by Kate Ostrander she writes about how the future of the government will impact the arts. She starts her articles by saying that the U.S. Senators don’t support a federal government shutdown but then the senators moved on to say, “if it were to occur.” Is this the future of the government?

Ostrander compares the first shutdown day may be like a snow day, “an inconvenience, a loss of productivity, and maybe a respite.” She writes on about how this could impact through arts and cultural policy.

In 1986 the majority of the staff at the National Endowment for the Arts were sent home. If this were to happen then grants aren’t processed, programs and events are stopped and their partners are cut off from their primary federal cultural agency.

Ostrander than moves on to talk about programs like Head start, which promotes the school readiness of a child from birth to 5 for low-income families. Programs like these depend upon federal dollars. Programs incorporating arts education into early childhood programs would close. 

Next, the facilities of the Smithsonian Institution doors would be shut every day. She writes that this would effect, “inhibiting tourism, school trips, creative and innovative learning opportunities, and ongoing preservation of arts and culture.” The last time this happened to national museums and monuments it resulted in a loss of two million visitors.

Similarly, all national park will close. When this last happened in 1995 it resulted in a loss of 7 million visitors and an estimated 14.2million per day thanks to tourists revenues.

Ostrander concludes by saying that, “tourism and its associated economic driver and tax revenue generator will suffer.”  Citizens would have to expect visa and passport processing delays. For those affected, they would be stuck in the same place until their documents eventually were processed. She also mentions that cultural centers like Wolf Trap and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts could face partial closure.



This was written before the government actually shut down.

Here’s the article I wrote about. 


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