NaBloPoMo: Day 2 A Tangent.

NaBloPoMo: Day 2 A Tangent.

I just need to go off on a tangent about the YouTube Music Awards. If you want to read it, I’m putting it under a read more.

The biggest problem I have with the YTMA is the fact that it could have been so great. Every advertisement on the Internet was about it. It was trying to promote itself to a big audience. However, I don’t think it should have done that. They should have focused their awards show on the people that actually make a living for themselves off of their website.

Content creators are what bring the revenue in for YT, but a lot of the times it just takes them for granted. I’m sure there are some restrictions, but they could leave the website whenever they wanted to. It is more important for them to highlight their creators instead of show casing big deals. RihannaVEVO is the 8th most subscribed to channel. She most likely doesn’t know her password, she doesn’t ask for people to like a video, so why are they thrown together? The big names know they are big names, they don’t need some crappy awards show like this. There are millions of aspiring artists on YouTube who this could strongly benefit.

They would have an infinitely better audience and much happier creators if they focused on whom they were presenting the awards too. The most likely people to watch are content creators themselves and Internet consumers. People who spend all day on the Internet don’t want to see all ready glorified musicians get more glorifications. They want to see the underdogs get a shout out, the people they are fans of and are proud of and that truly connect with their audience. 

Instead of a music awards show why doesn’t YouTube do a YouTube awards show. Then it could truly show off the talent that is presented on YouTube. There are so many different categories it could highlight the best female and male of that category. But oh wait there is a giant gender gap on YouTube so you may have to scrape the barrel to find someone that could accept that prize. YouTube should connect with its audience more to discover what they want to see.



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