NaBloPoMo: Day 4 Lacking Inspiration

NaBloPoMo: Day 4 Lacking Inspiration

Today I’ve got nothing. I’ve sat here for awhile trying to figure out what I could write about and nothing is inspiring me or helping me so I figured I’d just write. Usually my posts come from some outside source, but today has just kind of been…a day? It worries me that this is only the third day (Though it’s November 4th) and I’ve got nothing.

I can talk about my day? Who would even be interested in that. I woke up, frantically crammed a paper in (which apparently isn’t due to wednesday) and had a solid 30 mins of class, where I took a midterm. In fact the first thought I had this morning was F it I’m getting Noodles for lunch. So that was an exciting time. My life is so riveting.

They say go to college: it’ll be the time of your life. I quite enjoy the classes more but not so much the social life. I’m the only one I can blame for that though. You get so comfortable in your perfect, intimate, no outsiders life than bam you know like 5 people on your campus, all from your high school. I don’t do well in new situations; in that I don’t like putting myself out there and I’m shit at making small talk. That worries me a bit for the future though, because I know you are supposed to be able to sell yourself and I can’t even answer the phone to numbers I don’t know.

I currently have a Spotify radio playing based on No Day But Today from Rent. That should be inspiring maybe? I don’t know broadway musicals often give the impression that Romantic Comedies have. Find your perfect other half and the perfect life will follow. That is bullshit. I’d like to see just one story where the protagonist is a hard working, strong, independent women who doesn’t have to rely on some male counterpart. She can be a badass and everyone can respect it for her, instead of being scared of her. That is so irritating. Any inspiring authors out there? I’d totally collab on that book with you.

Welcome to my brain, I’m insane.


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