NaBloPoMo: Day 11 Tests

NaBloPoMo: Day 11 Tests

This week I have two tests and a speech on top of my regular reading. I’m not crazy on learning in that I like to learn on my own and when I choose to do so. Tests are a real struggle for me. I am a terrible test taker.

Not only am I a terrible test taker, but also I think the only thing that tests really achieve is seeing how good your memory really is. Sure, it is beneficial to show up to class and take notes on the material, which I do, but I have a problem retaining a lot of that. I think that it has come to a point that we should be able to have an alternative option to tests. Something either where we can use our notes that we have or writing a paper about the material covered.

Unfortunately, standarized tests are becoming bigger. Teachers are forced to give out more of them. What are they actually using these for? Sure i t will help show some growth, but is this really why they are giving them. Or is it because it will bring in more state funding. Who is that going to? The teachers who are already underpaid or to the school so they can spend it on a new security system they are forced to have because of the sick society we live in?


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