The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life

This would all be understood much better if you watch this video first. Also this is kind of a follow up of yesterday’s blog so here we go.

An expression I’ve used sarcastically or ironically since it has first came out is YOLO. The thing is, there is so much truth behind that. Obviously, you do only live once and it is so important to realize that. I wish all the teenagers saying it would realize what they were actually saying. Then they could realize it much sooner than any of us and fully live up to it.

I feel that a lot of teenagers are dark, depressed, and sometimes miserable. I know we all hate the phrase ‘it gets better’ but it really does. You just need to find out what is causing you to be so unhappy. In most scenarios: there is a reason. Find that reason and, as hard as this might be, get rid of it. There is a person near you that you can go to and tell them everything. If you want to go in baby steps, find a caring person on the internet and tell them first. As long as you are looking whatever it is in the face and telling it that it has no power over you it will get better.

I think videos like the one I linked really make you think about your life and how it is truly affecting you. A lot of people tend to go and say ‘so and so saved my life.’ I don’t think they deserve all of that credit. The thing they did was made you realize that something was wrong and then you took the next step all on your own. That is something you should be proud of and not give some internet stranger (Yes, famous YouTubers are still strangers to you, they’re just more tangible) all of your success. I am proud of you, so proud. I am happy that something you found, made you realize something else, and then you, all on your own, decided to keep discovering yourself.

Make sure you are happy. Happiness may be a relative concept, where individuals have a different idea of what makes them happy, but you are in charge of your own life. So live it to the fullest and make sure you are at your own happiest, not someone else’s. 


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