I saw that the daily post today was on tattoos and decided to add my own opinion.

I have one tattoo on the top of my foot but I have ideas for at least two to three more. The one I have now is three stars and it represents the three stars on top of the Harry Potter pages. This will always be my favorite series and will represent my passion and love for reading. 

The next one I want is to go on the side of my wrist. I want it to simply say Wonder. I like this because the definition of wonder is, “a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.” and I think that really is beautiful and something I should always remind myself of.

I want to get an anchor on the side of my foot with my best friend. This is to represent how we’ve kept each other grounded over the years. Also, that no matter how far apart we may be: we will always have that consistent reminder. It’ll keep my close to home if I move, which I plan on.

Lastly, I want some sort of a compass or map. The need to travel runs through my veins at a pace I can’t control. I’ve always been a person that likes discovering new places or looking at a place I’ve been countless times and viewing it with different eyes. 



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