Recently, on Twitter, I’ve been seeing people recommend a documentary called Blackfish. As the animal lover that I am, I decided to give it a go.

The best way to describe the movie is that it is an observation of killer whales at Sea World, or just in captivity, compared to those in the wild. You hear a lot from former Sea World trainers and a group called OSHA. It would be nice to hear from the other side but at the end of the movie they tell you that they declined repeatedly.

It is absolutely disgusting how these animals are treated. Stuck in a concrete cage, and used for our entertainment. I will admit when I was younger I enjoyed things like this or circuses but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized just how wrong and sick it is. 

There are so many other things you could be doing for your entertainment rather then gawking at animals in captivity. Go to a reserve or a place where you know for a fact that the animals are put back in the wild after they’ve been nursed to health. 

The other thing that really got to me were the blatant lies that Sea World was telling the public and the things that they kept from their trainers. I know a lot of big companies will lie through their teeth but I doubt they will continuously lie about multiple peoples deaths. 


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