2013: A Year in Review

2013: A Year in Review

To be quite frank I’m not entirely happy with how 2013 turned out and I’m looking forward to changing that in the new year. I let too much negativity into my life and I just need to be start being happy as me. Become the best version of myself; easier said then done. 

Tomorrow or Tuesdays post will be all about my new years resolutions, don’t worry this blog is coming along for the ride. I just wanted to look back on some of the littler things that happened this year, whether good or bad.

  • Went to Florida with my nephew and mom
  • Took a train for the first time to Chicago with some college friends
  • Surprised my best friend at her prom
  • Moved houses (again)
  • Met Darren Criss and went to the best concert of my life
  • Bought a Jodi Picoult book that happened to be signed
  • My puppy died, RIP Rupert- I’ll always love you
  • Nannied for the last time, maybe.
  • Left all of my friends behind while switching to a new college
  • Surprised my friend for her birthday where I met my new college friend
  • Started having panic attacks again
  • Survived my Oral Comm class
  • Declared my major and minor

To me these are really little things with the negative far outweighing the positive. As arrogant as this may seem…2014 is all about me. 


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