It’s Grace!

It’s Grace!

Grace Helbig, otherwise known as DailyGrace, is one of my all time favorite vloggers. She is hilarious, relatable, and seems like an all around great person.

She has been making videos for the past five years under a company called My Damn Channel. This December her contract ended with that company and they both agreed, to my knowledge, not to renew it.

The one disheartening aspect is that the channel DailyGrace, with over 2 million subscribers, is not owned by Grace herself, granted it is all of her own original content, MDC will not let Grace keep moving forward to this channel.

Instead Grace has to revive her old channel, It isn’t the most ideal of situations but Graces fans have been spreading the word since the end of December. Not only that, but big youtube names have also written about this in much better depth than I am able.

I urge you, if you have a youtube account, to go and subscribe to Grace Helbig. The person, not the company owned account.

Hank Greens Post

John Greens Thoughts

Grace tweeted this Article



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