What to Bring on an Airplane?!

What to Bring on an Airplane?!


As I travel quite a bit, I know what I like to bring with me on an airplane. I hope anyone reading will find this helpful as much as future me will. So in no particular order…


  1. Chapstick- There’s nothing worse then being on an airplane and feeling the moisture being sucked from your skin. Most helpful tool: Chapstick. Don’t lie; I know you have random tubes around because it is the easiest thing to lose.
  2. Perfume- Airplanes have a weird smell. Might as well get it off of you as much as you can without a shower.
  3. Lotion- See point one. Worst feeling ever.
  4. Brush- Yes, your hair is flat. Yes, it is all tangled. Yes, you look like a hot mess. A brush will be your superhero!
  5. Hair Tie- If not a brush, then a hair tie. Might as well pull that snarled mess back.
  6. Advil- Two words- screaming babies.
  7. Tide-to-Go- I’m the worst when it comes to spilling things. If not for your own safety, then for your neighbors.
  8. Camera- You will probably want to document this trip at some point, why not start now?
  9. Notepad & Pen- I’ve always found these useful for the millionaire ideas I have- just kidding. But it is a nice tool to have if you want to make lists. Oh yes, am I a list maker.
  10. Wallet- You must buy a t-shirt with your location on it. Or you know your ID to get on a flight. Always helpful.
  11. Sunglasses- Hopefully your destination is sunny. Unless you’re visiting somewhere cold. You never know though. It was -17 degrees Fahrenheit today and I was wearing sunglasses.
  12. Headphones- Again, screaming babies. Or the snoring neighbor.
  13. Earbuds- Less conspicuous, perhaps? Also easier to bring around while on vacation.
  14. iPad- You’ll be bored. Might as well play that Candy Crush level you’ve been trying to beat for the last 4 months. Or treat yourself and buy a movie. Heaven knows wifi prices on planes are usually ridiculous.

Hope I’ve provided some useful facts for everyone. Let me know what I forgot and have a great (future) trip!


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