Maddening Monday: Obstacle Course

Maddening Monday: Obstacle Course

In a lot of ways, we are our own obstacle course.

LIfe gets thrown in there and provides us obstacles, but we inflict barriers upon ourselves.

The only thing that is really stopping you is you, to put it plainly. Think about the last time you were going to do something and didn’t, was it life or was it you. Life throws obstacles at you but the best way to go around them is to rely on the person you usually don’t, you. When’s the last time something happened that you thought that you couldn’t handle so you either gave up or sought for help? Could’ve you done it on your own? Try it. If you’re stuck on something, do another completely unrelated activity. You’re subconscious will still be working out that first problem, and you may just have an a-ha moment. By no means stop always asking others for advice and help, but become the kind of person you want to rely on.

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