Creators and Their Following

Creators and Their Following

I have never liked the divide between celebrities or creators and the people that enjoy what they are doing.

The way I see it is as plain as this. They are normal people who just have a bigger following than the average person. The types of people fluctuate from one person or group to another. This can also be seen within a specific following.

I understand that other people do not view creators in the same way as I do, which can then put them in harms way. But I also don’t think people should be running from their ‘fan’ base. It is important to take a step back and realize how you got to where you are. No one owes anyone anything but it would be nice to appreciate how both parties have helped each other.

A concept I dislike is being a fan. Yes, I am writing this from my perspective and yes, I know that others do like it. How I see it is that I am a viewer of content and if I like that content I’m going to continue watching it. I think that being a fan is too heavy of a concept for me to really identify with. I like being seen as an individual just as much as a creator does.

One thing that scares me about fans is how they see each other. A lot of people almost feel a sense of entitlement and stop viewing a person as a person. They can be vicious to one another especially if a person does something wrong and they cannot make sense of the fact that everyone is a human with flaws. You know you have at least on common interest, you should be able to talk to one another without being afraid. You would think creators would try to build a community from their following.

The last thing that always bothered me about being a fan is that creators tend to see fans almost lower than themselves, again not always the case but sometimes. Surely these creators are ‘fans’ of other things and just want to feel like equals or just individuals. Darren Criss said, “fans are just friends we haven’t met yet.” I absolutely adore that.

I really want to know what your own opinions are on this.


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