Maybe Trapped Mostly Troubled

Maybe Trapped Mostly Troubled

Ay it has been to long since I have talked about things that have been happening on the web.

The one and only thing that I must talk about is Tessa Violet’s new album, Maybe Trapped Mostly Troubled. Good lord is that music excellent. It has been my jam since I bought it and I think that it is the perfect spring time album. It is quality content and I have just fallen in love with her and her youtube channel.

I thought I would make it interesting and have my top 3 songs, although I love them all.

#3: Just Right

#2: Spend Some Time

#1: Make Me Robot

I would try to tell you why I specifically like these the most but I don’t think I really can. They all just make me incredibly happy and in a fantastic mood. I could not have had this as my current go to album at any better time than now.

Click here to purchase her album on iTunes 🙂


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