Finals Week // Hair, Makeup, and Outfit

Finals Week // Hair, Makeup, and Outfit

So it’s finals week, folks. If you are anything like me you have practically stopped caring all together. Here is my 4 step Finals Week look. (Note: you can do this in 5 minutes, sleep in!)

#1. Hair

Have you not showered in a while because you’ve been up late studying, or marathoning Lost on Netflix? Well, because you hair is unwashed it is perfect to put in a high messy bun. If you really want to you can put some dry shampoo in it, but all you have to do is gather all of your hair on the top of you head and put it in a ponytail holder once, and make it into a bun the second time through. The messier the better.

photo 1-4

#2. Concealer

Lets be real you don’t want to put on a full face of foundation just for finals. Plus with late nights and lack of face washing it would be nice to let your skin breathe. Use your favorite concealer, mine is the Rimmel Match Perfection one, and cover up those dark under eye circles and any blemishes you’d like.

photo 3-3

#3 Eyes

Here is the second makeup step that can totally be skipped. If you want to look more awake just put some of your most loved mascara on, I am currently loving the Benefit they’re real mascara. Tip, instead of putting it on both the bottom and top lashes just put it on the top. It will make your eyes look more open because you won’t have anything dragging down, same goes for eyeliner if you want to use that you hardcore makeup person you!

photo 4-1


The best thing to do is put on your most loved comfy t-shirt to rock during finals. I am wearing my favorite tee from Topshop. The trick I use to staying awake to take my final is that I don’t wear sweatpants. I think wearing sweatpants is a state of mind that I try to avoid while trying to stay awake. Instead I wear jeans or jeggings but you can do what ever you would like!

photo 2-4

What are your finals week tips and tricks?


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