Most Wanted

Most Wanted

Do you ever have those things you seen in the store that you like and always go back to but never actually buy? I’m talking have been eyeing up for nearly a year. A few days ago I bought 4 of these things.


#1 Aladdin Glass Jar Beverage Dispenser

Oh hey, the first and only non-beauty item. I’ve been looking at this practically since they came out earlier in the springs. I think they are really cute and a fun cute way to spruce up a jar. I recently moved into my own place so I finally have purpose for something like this. It is still untouched but I am thinking about putting lemon and mint with water in this bad boy. It’ll spice up just plain water, which I am honestly not that big of a fun of, strange right?

#2 Maybelline Nail Polish in Green With Envy

Honestly this was a toss-up between this and those cute little Revlon nail polishes that are scented. I probably would’ve gotten one of those but the colors that were there did not suit my fancy. I have also been looking for a minty-ish green for a while because I am in love with that color and I think it is perfect for summer. I’ve used this nail polish before and remember really liking it but it was definitely the color that I was pining after.

#3 theBalm Smoke Balm Eyeshadow Palette in Set One

This little guy was spotted in Kohl’s one day. I had been thinking about how to do a smokey eye for a while and then stumble upon this. I love the colors that it is, there is excellent payoff. I also like that it is super mini so it is easy to bring along. The best part may be the directions on the back though. This girls clueless when it comes to stuff like this and they are oh so helpful. I love how it looks on and now I am just in need of an occasion to wear smokey eyeshadow too. This is probably my fav purchase of the bunch.

#4 Covergirl Flamed Out Eye Pencil in Ginger Flame

What a strange name this one has. This is probably the product that really inspired this post. Whenever I went to any store with Covergirl products, I would quite literally always pick this up and stare at it. I love the color that it is and it was super attractive because of how easy it is to apply. I really love this pencil, the color is super pretty out of the case as well. It is one of those products that you throw on your face and go super quickly. Highly recommend.


2 thoughts on “Most Wanted

  1. The glass jar was a random item! I must treat myself on payday this month, been broke for too long! Really enjoyed reading this post!
    Im a new Irish blogger and I’ve been enjoying the content of your blog! Check out mine at: and maybe we can follow each other? I’d really appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚
    Cecilia x

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