A Blogger Made ME!

A Blogger Made ME!

Hello lovelies!

Being on the internet the majority of the day leads to seeing what other people recommend, particularly in the beauty/fashion community as I read quite a few blogs and watch a lot of videos. There are some people that once they say something is good, I immediately jump on whatever they are talking about. Seriously, marketing people should get them on their teams. One of my all time favorite beauty bloggers and vloggers is EssieButton, or Estée. The majority of the time she suggests something, I hop on that  bandwagon. But for real, the recommendations she has are fantastic and I just have no words. Check her out. While I was in Sephora today, I decided to pick up two recommendations from my her!


photo 2-5

The first is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. I have been a hardcore Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner fan before it became a cult favorite. So to hear Estée talk about this liner in her June Favorites and that she likes it more than Stila I had to give it a whirl. I have only used it once so I am refraining my opinion for now but so far it seems to do all the tricks I need!


The second purchase I made was the Soap & Glory The Righteous Body Butter. I am slowly falling in love with Soap & Glory but I have not used many of their products. I think it is going to be a slow build up until I become a S&G fanatic. Estée does these awesome brand focus videos where she basically talks about the brand itself and products she enjoys from it. But like I said the way she talks about products makes me want to try them all!


I am now realizing that this has basically turned into an EssieButton appreciation post and I am 110% okay with that. In fact, I read her blog post like this and thought girl, a lot of what I buy is based on your recommendation! I have to write this just on your production suggestions. Seriously, I’d love to just go shopping with her and have her help a girl out. There have been many more EssieButton inspired purchases but I thought I’d focus on the latest purchase!


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