WhatsIn: My Backpack! | Back To School // 1

WhatsIn: My Backpack! | Back To School // 1

Hello Lovelies!

Welcome to Back to School week! I’ve never tried to do a themed week but I figured, why not give it a shot?! So here we are. I hope you all enjoy and I appreciate any feedback you may have. I’m starting off the week with a WhatsIn: My Backpack, which, not going to lie, I thought would be much more interesting, but I didn’t want to put things in there that I don’t actually need/use. So here’s my 100% honest and trusted bag!


This is my trusty old backpack. Not the most fashionable, but it is highly functional and hasn’t broken on me yet. It is the perfect college back pack because it has multiple compartments. It can easily hold many, heavy college textbooks, which is perfect. The color is great too because it  doesn’t show any wear.


I am such a great student on the left is a 5 subject notebook, which I’m planning on using for all of my classes. Lets see if it works. I always grab the wrong one, so I figure by only having one, I can’t forget it. Then on the right is my planner. I think a planner is essential and I’m the type of person that will get my syllabus and immediately put important dates in it. It helps mentally prepare me to see if I have more than one important thing due on a certain day.


This is my pencil bag that is actually a bag I received for free from Ulta. I have a multitude of sharpie pens in different colors (my fav), mechanical pencils (that I only really use for tests), more pretty colored pens, and highlighters. I’ll occasionally through post it notes in here as well.


Now this is my “personal” bag, I guess? As you can see, this was a bag I got from Ipsy once. This has all of the essentials tide-to-go (because I’m a mess), a colored baby lips and a clear baby lips, Almay liquid lip balm in nudetrients, a few bobby pins and hair ties, EOS funky looking lotion (that smells amazing!), Advil+other medicine in that, a few band-aids, and a band-aid stick that prevents blisters. I should really throw a few feminine things in here as well, oops.

Well, that’s what is in my bag! And yes, I really do carry that many chapsticks with me. They just seem to accumulate. Ask me to do this in december and it will virtually be the same, except with a lot of little bits of paper that just seem to accumulate, anyone else have this problem? I hope you enjoyed and I will see you tomorrow!

Keep Being You!


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