August Favorites!

August Favorites!

Hello Lovelies!

With another month, comes another favorites! These might also be my favorite things to write, though I don’t know why. I hope that with September all of you are settling in nicely to school/work, and whatever else. Lets all have a fantastic month, shall we? I think these are all new products but they might have been used in previous posts, so lets get into it!



Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser in Neutralizer

Well I finally have hopped on this train haven’t I. I heard one of my favorite bloggers,vloggers, Essiebutton, rave on about this. Let me tell you it does not disappoint. It really is a great concealar and brightens up the under eye area. I would highly recommend trying this.


The Body Shop Flawless BB Cream in 02

After this summer you’d think that The Body Shop was sponsoring my blog, their not, but that’d be wicked. I’ve just only discovered them for the first time recently and I am obssessed. Like many others, on this humid days, I don’t want to put on a full face of foundation. This is the best happy-medium. It still covers wonderfully but does not feel heavy on the face in the slightest. I love the finish that this BB cream gives, check it out, yo.


Ulta Gel Eyeliner in Black Out

This was something I picked up on a whim when they had that deal for a free bag with more makeup. I am always in the search of new eyeliners to try and I am so awful at doing gel eyeliner with a little pot and brush. I really like using this on my waterline because I find that it lasts longer. It doesn’t have the greatest staying power but I’m trying to figure out a way around that.


Ulta Super Stretch Fiber Mascara in Jet Black

This was another Ulta product and I believe that it was in the free bag. If you regularly read my blog, you probably wouldn’t know that I’m not the biggest mascara fan. I’m fortunate to already have long lashes, but I like to use mascara to make them a little more dramatic and darker. This is the perfect mascara for that. I have never been so instantly impressed by a mascara, but I think this may be my new life go-to.


Too Face Natural Eyes Palette

Let me tell you a story about this. One day, I  finally decided that I was going to go to Ulta and pick this up. You know that feeling of anticipation and how it just feels awesome to go to a store and buy something? Well, they didn’t have it when I went. So sadly I never got that satisfactory feeling and ended up buying it online. All worth it  thought, because this is my favorite palette. I love the browns and pinks it has. It is so pigmented. There are so many combos and it just looks wonderful, whatever you may choose. When I go somewhere, I’ve been only brining this palette, and let me tell you, that’s hard for me, but it has yet to fail me.

Well, there’s a long winded august favorites for you all! I feel like it has been awhile since I have just sat down and wrote, without having it all planned. I hope that you’ve enjoyed and see ya next week!

Keep Being You!


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