Dress(ing) for Your Body!

Dress(ing) for Your Body!

Two of my favorite YouTubers, ChewingSand & SprinkleofGlitter, made this video, talking about how to dress to suit your body and shape, specifically focusing on dresses. One thing they said that I think is 100% right on is the fact that everyone has things they do like and everyone has things they don’t like. So lets talk about both using 5 of my own dresses!

Lets glance over me real quick, I have a flat ass, unaligned hips, a smaller waist, decent sized boobs, and long giraffe legs.  I am 5’8 and have a short upper body, I’m mainly legs. My tummy’s a bit chubby and my arms are a bit flubby. I range usually from a 10-12 or medium-large and I usually prefer things a big loose-fitting.

1 // Black & White Flower Dress from Kohl’s


What I love about this dress is where it hits. It goes in at my waist, which then means it doesn’t accentuate my hips. It’s a shorter dress so it really highlights my legs. The tightness at the top of the dress shows off my boobs as well, which you normally wouldn’t get from a high-necked dress.

2 // Floral Short Sleeve Dress from Topshop


This dress features a dropped waist, which is great for me because it gives the illusion that I have a long torso. It goes out right before my butt, which means that it doesn’t cling. Because of this, it looks like I have more of a butt then I do. I love the sleeve length. It covers the areas where I am not the most confident.

3 // Black & Floral Maxi Dress from Kohl’s


I love maxi dresses because I am tall, so the materials not swimming at the bottom of the dress. This dress goes in right underneath the bust which is fantastic for me. It doesn’t bring attention to the chest but it still looks good there. The 2 lacy bits at the bottom are see-through, and the slip stops after the first one, so you can still get a little bit of leg.

4 // Chevron Dress from Kohl’s


This is a tighter fitting dress, but it hangs from my chest so it doesn’t cling to my hips or my stomach. I absolutely love the sleeve length, I love 3/4 tops. Because it is a tighter fitting dress, it makes it look like I have a butt.  The chevrons are busy so any imperfections that may usually stand out are, really, hidden behind it.

5 // Black & White Bodycon Dress from H&M


This is probably one of the most ‘daring’ dresses that I own. I don’t normally go for bodycon dresses, but I like this one for a few different reasons. The best thing about this dress it the black paneling that goes in. Because of this, you can’t tell that my hips are unaligned. It also makes it look more slimming. It shows off my legs as well. Again, because it is tight-fitting, it makes it seem like I have a butt. Also, because of my chest, it doesn’t cling to my stomach.

Well, there we have it. I hope that you enjoyed this and I would love for you to do this too! Or let me know something that you like about your body. You only get one body, make sure to give it some love!

Keep Being You!


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