100 Lovelies!

100 Lovelies!

Hello Lovelies!

So this week something pretty damn wicked happened, and as you probably guessed from the tittle, my blog now has 100 followers! I cannot thank you enough. This is my personal thank you to each one of you- you all are the best and lets keep going. I usually don’t focus on numbers or stats, but this was just an awesome milestone. In the middle of October, this blog is turning 1 year old, as well.

That being said, I don’t have a normal “Sassy Saturday” post for you this week. I have being feeling uninspired, unmotivated, and just kind of down in general. I could not think of something I genuinely wanted to talk about and everything I did, I just did not have the power to sit down and write it because it wasn’t coming from the heart, as silly as that may sound. I also thought that it should be something special because of reaching 100 followers and put an added pressure that I couldn’t seem to shake.

If any of you have anything that you would like to see from me or just any general motivational things please let me know. I seriously can not thank you enough! You are my favorite and as per usual:

Keep Being You!

Love, Emily

Here’s a picture that really shows that I know what I’m doing:



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