Elphaba // First Attempt!

Elphaba // First Attempt!

Hello Lovelies!

So with Halloween and the 11th year of Wicked anniversary upon us, I thought I would attempt my makeup for the Halloween party I’m going to tomorrow. I have to be frank, this is a trial and it definitely is not perfect. But I thought that I’d share what I learned throughout the process and any tips I have. So please enjoy!

Step 1 // Put on an Old T-Shirt


Step 2 // Moisturizer // The Body Shop Tea Tree Moisturizer


Step 3 // Green Face Paint // Mehron Green Fantasy F-X Face Paint


Be sure to get all the way to your hair… whoops. Put on more than you need. With this particular paint, it was better to put on more then try to spread out what was already there.

Step 4 // Eyebrows // LORACPro Palette Black Eyeshadow


Step 5 // Black Eyeshadow // TheBalm Smokey Eye Palette


Make sure that the face paint is 100% dry! This is where I really messed up.

Step 6 // Eyeliner // L’Oreal Super Liner in Black


Don’t do what I did and use a liner that you are used to.. Hello Stila. 

Step 7 // Gel Eyeliner // Utla Gel Eyeliner in Black


Step 8 // Mascara // Benefit BadGAL Mascara


Your eyelashes will probably be green, coat that shit on.

Step 9 // Lipstick & Gloss // Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Let’s Travel the World & Revlon ColorBurst in Enticing


Some people use black lipstick but I like the red on the Wicked playbill.

Step 10 // Baby Powder!


I was in Cats (Picture Below) and this is how we always set the makeup. It worked so well, even through all the sweat from dancing!

There we have it! I’d love to see your costumes and makeup for Halloween.

Stay Safe and Keep Being You!

Tantomile in Cats!



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