21 things I’ve learned before turning 21:

1) that you don’t have to be the one to move on a sidewalk.
2) that some bruises are bigger but others have more pain.
3) that you’re not going to keep in touch with a lot of high school friends, and that’s okay.
4) wear what you like no matter what others say.
5) save your quarters, you’ll desperately need them to do laundry.
6) that a little nostalgia never hurt anyone.
7) that even in the darkest times, you’ll find it in yourself to turn on the light.
8) that there is no good in letting others negativity affect you.
9) cut out all toxic people, you’ll be much happier.
10) that it is so important to be yourself and to have your own opinions.
11) that it is okay to spend all day on the Internet, just not everyday.
12) that it does no good to bring others down.
13) that sometimes it’s okay to splurge on yourself or the people closest to you.
14) most everything is okay in moderation.
15) that sometimes not doing what you’re supposed to is the only option.
16) that people will have different opinions than you and express them strongly.
17) that a cup of a coffee is usually the best answer.
18) that sometimes the worst days are actually the best, especially for learning.
19) that the solution to most pain is time.
20) that keeping little spaces organized will then lead to an organized life.
21) that some people are irritating, but you should always be kind.


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