Makeup Storage!

Makeup Storage!

If you’re anything like me, you love seeing how other people store their belongings. I’m not just talking about makeup, I live for Pinterest organization. Someday, I will be good at DIY stuff dammit. My organization is not perfect, but it works for me and I figured why not share it. Plus I just bought a desk organizer from Target that I’m using for palettes and it is wonderful. Only 7 dollars too!

makeup storage


1 // This is a drawer like thing that is from Target. I keep this on my vanity’s shelf. The things that are in here are things that I read for most often and things that I want to try more.


2 // The easiest way to store my makeup brushes is in something like this. I love that this is coated white. It is such a cute decoration that adds to any vanity. I have no idea where it is from, probably Target. This post isn’t sponsored by Target, btw, I just really frickin love it.


3 // This is the desk organizer that I was talking about. I think that this is so nice and handy. Palettes are such a pretty makeup item so why not display them! Now the problem is if I get any more…


4 // This doesn’t have any makeup in it but I like it so I figured why not include it. It does have Reese’s in it, which is my favorite candy!


5 // My makeup collection has leaked over into my bookshelf. I use the last two cubbies for more miscellaneous thing. In this little drawer, also Target, I keep the overflow from my main one. It tends to be stuff I don’t reach for quite as often.


6 // This has things in it that I don’t reach for all that much. I am pretty good at remembering where I put things, organized chaos, so I don’t completely forget about this drawer.


7 // This is mainly skin care and samples. A lot of the things that I get from my Ipsy and Birchbox bags get thrown in here. I try to shake it up so I remember what’s in here and try new things.

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