Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

I’m going to be blunt and say I hate Valentine’s day. I know I’m not alone. But Emily, you’ll change your mind when you’re not single! Probably to definitely not. I just don’t understand having to show love and appreciation on one day of the year, it is like a universal reminder to say, oh yeah- I love you! I thought I would take how I feel on the inside and express it on my face so we have a smokey eye and red lip.


Foundation – first we’re going to apply the base. This will help us keep a smooth, concealed face when we have to be ‘happy’ around other couples. Especially in public. Smooth out any kind of jealousy or anger. Set it with a matte powder to make sure it lasts all day.


Eyebrows – We’re going to go for a strong look here and match that on the outside. This is for when everyone asks how you can be single. It is great for forcing you to still be nice in public, no matter how bitter you are. Stay strong, kids.

Eyes – This is to really express how we feel on the inside. Keep it dark and smoky. Don’t let anyone get in your way and just go for it. It is really to express the anger that has built up in you. Then slap some mascara on and make your mascara crazy, gotta unleash the crazy somewhere. Drag that eyeliner along your bottom lash to really make the look dark and intense.


Lipstick – I mean, the blood of your enemies, innit. Also goes great with that inner anger you’ve been storing. Stick with the bold red lip and don’t waste it on anyone. The only thing that’s going to touch these lips is Starbucks and maybe a shot of vodka.


Outfit – The darker the better, though I did go for a tan coat. Still not a color and nothing to remind me The Day. Work your body and dress for you. Make sure to include the pointiest of heels, though. Show them whose boss.


All right, all right. No shame if you do like it and I hope you enjoy your day! I’ll be waiting for my favorite day of the year: February 15, when all the candy is on sale.

Keep Being You!


6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Hah I love “wear the pointiest heels and show them whose boss.” I agree about Valentine’s Day!!! It’s a day to show your significant other you love them, shouldn’t that happen everyday? I like the concept of Galentines of having a girls night but my friends all want to be with their boyfriends so I guess I can show my boyfriend a little love. Stay strong feb 15th is near❤️

  2. LOL even married I don’t understand V-day. It doesn’t bother me though because I enjoy the copious amounts of caramel chocolates on sale the weeks leading up 🙂 Love the look! Don’t you just love that elf lipstick!? It’s such a pretty color and soooooo great for $3!

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