BRAND New Face: Rimmel

BRAND New Face: Rimmel

There are many times I forget that I have certain makeup items in my collection. This new idea (BRAND New Face) will basically be a brand focus, where I only use products from that brand. Therefore, I can revisit products I already have and give any reviews/first impressions. The one cheat that I am going to let myself have it eyebrows. Lets face it, once you have routine, you really don’t stray.

Does that make sense? I hope so. The first brand that I am going to visit is Rimmel. This is probably my favorite drugstore brand, it is just so reliable. While doing this face, I definitely found some new discoveries but also visited old gems. Without further ado, here is a BRAND New Face: Rimmel!



For the base I used Matte 9-in1 BB Cream in Light and Match Perfection Concealer in Light. I have raved about the concealer many times, and nothing has changed. It is still my favorite all time concealer. The BB Cream was a product that I have not tried before. I actually really like it. It gives a really good first impression. The color is wonderful and easy to blend. It dries matte and looks like your perfect skin. I’m very impressed and will be using this again!


On my eyes I used ScandalEyes Eyeshadow Stick in Bulletproof Beige, Exaggerate Felt Tip Eyeliner, and Lash Accelerator Mascara. I have used the eye shadow stick before and it is a pretty, bronze color. Super easy to blend and just adds a nice little something. I loved the Lash Accelerator Mascara. I put it on and instantly put it in my makeup bag. Slowly, I’m learning what I like in a mascara. It has taken long enough and this ticks all the boxes. The standout product of this face for me was the eyeliner. I’ve tried it before and it just never really worked out, not today though! It went on so smoothly and it was super easy to do. It dried matte, which I actually really like, and it stayed put.  This is an entirely new discovery and I am so happy. I’ve never been able to find a great drugstore eyeliner so I am pumped to keep trying this out and see how it holds up! So far, I’m in love.


The last two things I used were the Natural Bronzer in Sun Light and Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick in 11. I’ve used the bronzer and I don’t really have any kind of opinion on it. I’m still trying to figure bronzers out, they kind of confuse/taunt me. It does add a nice warm glow. The lipstick is to die for. I’ve always loved their lip products and this is just another one that I picked up. I think that the color is absolutely gorgeous. I am living for the dark red and black liner look. Rimmel Lipsticks never fail to disappoint.

What Rimmel products do you recommend? How did you enjoy this? Is this something that I should do more of, if so what other brands would you like to see? I hope you had a fantastic day 🙂

Keep Being You!


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