BRAND New Face: Tarte

BRAND New Face: Tarte

Thought I’d do another brand new face with what is, probably, my favorite high-end brand, Tarte! I am seriously obsessed with their makeup and want to get my hands on more. I apologize that what I’m using mainly came from a Christmas set but there are a lot of other gems in here as well!


For my base makeup I used my holy grail foundation, Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation in Light Neutral, which I absolutely adore. Then I used Amazonian Clay Waterproof Concealer on Light that I’m not going to talk to much about because it’s going to show up in a little monthly post soon. 😉


I then applied a light sweep of Park Ave Princess bronzer. I really love this. I don’t always use bronzer, but when I do it is usually this. It’s not too muddy and I just think that it is the perfect color. Then I used the blush in Envisioned. Man, are these things hyped about. I can understand why and they’re very pretty but I’m just not that infatuated with them. I’m going a bit out of order so I’m going to talk about the lip gloss. This is in the color Paris.  I really do like these, they have a really pretty color payoff, but they’re kinda sticky. Like hair always gets caught in it sticky.


I started my eyes by using the clean slate 360 creaseless eye primer. I find that this works best with other Tarte products, weirdly? I do like it but I just don’t find the lasting power works as well with non Tarte shadow. Maybe that’s just me. Next, I used the colors from the palette above. These are so, so pretty. The color is definitely buildable. They last all day and do not have any fall out. I seriously love them. The gel eyeliner I used is new to me, and I think it’s my favorite gel ever. It is the Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner Clay Pot in Blackened Plum. Now, I haven’t used many because they kind of terrify my, but I’m obsessed. The purple color is so, so pretty and the liner itself is 100% manageable. Definitely worth checking out. Then I used my mascara that I’ve raced on and on about, so I don’t need to say anything else


Overall, I love Tarte as a brand, I think they are incredible. I’m obsessed and will definitely be checking out more of their stuff.

What Tarte recommendations do you have?

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5 thoughts on “BRAND New Face: Tarte

  1. I LOVE Tarte! They’re an incredible brand! I really love the Tartelette palette. It’s my most used and most favorite eyeshadow palette that I own. I love your makeup look too! Very pretty! 🙂 xo

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