5 Summer Essentials!

5 Summer Essentials!

Well, I’ve been done with school for over a month now and thought I’d share my summer faves. I have a little life update below if you’d like to check that out! But now, let’s get into the makeup!

1 // Eyeshadow Primer // Too Faced Shadow Insurance

I’m a person that has makeup slide off my face all over, but the worst culprit is my eye makeup. This has been my favorite eye primer for a long time as it keeps it in place! 

2 // Tinted Lip Balm with SPF // Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Ruby

I am so bad at remembering to apply SPF. I’m even worse at putting it on my lips, which when it burns hurts so bad. I love these little Fresh lip balms. They’re so pretty and contain spf!

3 // Waterproof Eyeliner // Lorac Front of the Line PRO

Summer means sweating, as gross as that sounds. I’ve found the net eyeliner for me is one that is waterproof. This eyeliner stays in place all day and I adore it. 

4 // Setting Spray // Urban Decay Deslick 

If I’ve done a face of makeup, I want it to stay put. The best way to do that is with a setting spray. Plus in the summer I get shiny and gross. This setting spray helps me keep the matte complexion I want. 

5 // Eyebrow Gel // Anastasia Clear Brow Gel 

Back to sliding makeup, my eyebrows are probably the worst culprit. I do them and look in the mirror and they’re half gone, not cute. With a clear gel like this, they’ll stay in place and last so much longer. 

What are your summer essentials?

As I mentioned, another year is over. In the fall, I’ll be beginning my senior year of college! But perhaps more exciting, I will be spending my final, spring semester in London! 


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