September Favorites

September Favorites

I’ve just finished talking about my August favorites and its already time for September! What the hell. Where does the time go?! I’m currently on a no buy so this month has been a lot of rediscovering old product! Let’s goooo. 

NYX Tame and Frame  

I’ve been having a rough eyebrow time as of late, and bought this a while ago. I decided to give it another go and now it is just perfect. It is a bit more time consuming but it just really works to fill in your brows and make them the best. I’ve heard it’s a dupe for Anastasia’s brow pomade, but I’ve never tried that. I’d highly recommend this though! 

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder  

I think it’s pretty obvious how much I absolutely adore this. I’ve hit pan and the packaging is just destroyed. I might’ve dropped it a few times… This is just the all around best drugstore powder. I just love the finish it gives and the fact it makes my makeup last longer. 

Milani Illuminating Powder  

I can be quite a lazy person when it comes to makeup so this is fantastic. I start with my brush in a bit of the pink and swirl it around. It gives an absolutely gorgeous glow to the skin. Milani products are always so grand. 

Charlotte Tilbury Feline Flick  

This was purchased just before the no buy. The precision that this gives is phenomenal. The wand is stiff and does not move, so you know exactly where you are putting the liner. It is not the darkest formula, but it lasts pretty well. My only qualm with this is that I’m afraid it’ll dry out quickly because the lid doesn’t close very well. 

Pixi by Petra Makeup Fixing Mist  

I picked this up on a complete whim and I am in love. At first spritz, I thought, this is what my dogs shampoo smells like. But I got over that as soon as I saw what it looks like on my skin. It is just the prettiest and gives just that little extra oomph. I love how the spray feels and I will repurchase this.  

There we are folks! What are you enjoying at the moment? Happy autumn! 



Two posts in one week? My goodness what is this. I was kindly sent this box of goodies from influenster and now I’m here to review them all. From least favorite to most! I hope you enjoy 🙂 


Kettle Brand Jalepeño Potato Chips

I liked these, I really did. I’m just such a wimp when it comes to spice that I could only eat about 3 at a time. They are a delicious snack and I love the crisp they have. I would definitely try another kind. 

Luden’s Green Apple Throat Drops

I have a weird thing about throat drops. Whenever someone I know is having one, especially cherry, I steer clear. Luckily, these aren’t super mediciney smelling. Plus the taste is not that bad. I haven’t had a sore throat between the time I got this and now, so I can’t attest to that but I’m sure it’d do the job!

SinfulColors SinfulShine Nail Polish Top Coat & Picante

This is such a pretty color for the summer and I definitely will wear this next summer, right now I’m obsessed with dark nails. I love how affordable this brand is and I’m super pumped they threw in the top coat as well. 

Red Vines 

What the hell cant they do? (Does anyone get that reference? Please someone do.) I love these. I’ve loved these for years. It is one of the most unique tasting licorices and its just so damn good. I’m trying not to eat all of them at once. 

Olay Active Bonticals Refreshing Gel Cleanser

Send the beauty blogger a beauty item and of course it’s at the top of her list. For real though, I’ve been looking for a cleanser because I’ve just felt like my old ones weren’t doing anything anymore. I absolutely love this and it has made its way into my everyday skincare. 

There we have it! Lots of love to Influenster for sending me this lovely homecoming package. It feels like something my mom would send, which is just so great. 

Keep Being You!
I received these products complimentary for reviewing purposes.